Testosterone Boosters and Anti Estrogen Product Education

Testosterone has long been known to be very important in muscle growth and repair as well as sex drive in men. So it makes sense that some male athletes would be interested in supplements that help to improve testosterone levels to further increase performance in the gym as well as induce more muscle and strength. This can be especially helpful as men age since aging causes natural decreases in this anabolic hormone. This section provides several options for raising testosterone levels while also limiting the increase of estrogen which is associated with the increase of testosterone but can have negative effects in men.


  • May have a significant impact on lean body mass
  • Stimulates muscle growth and sex drive
  • Enhances muscle fullness, strength and performance.
  • Intensifies training aggression and tolerance to pain.
  • Improves recovery and resistance to illness.
  • An energy producing fat burning tool.

Pardue’s Picks

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