Protein Powder Product Education

Protein powder is quite possibly the most useful and beneficial supplement on the market. Often called the “building blocks of muscle” protein is absolutely essential whether you’re trying to pack on size or simply have a more toned physique. When it comes to improving sports performance and appearance most Americans are not getting enough protein in their diet to see appreciable changes. As a physique coach for bodybuilders, figure and bikini athletes I see countless people surprised by just how little protein they are eating during the day once they start tracking their calories.

An easy way to increase protein intake is to invest in a high quality protein powder that can be used any time of day. A liquid shake is great for people that are constantly on the go and may not have time to sit down and eat whole food protein sources like chicken or beef. It’s also great for those days when you just don’t have the appetite to eat a lot of whole food. Not to mention protein powders can be found in delicious flavors like chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, and countless others! It’s a great way to get the taste that would normally come in foods that contain a large amount of fat and carbohydrates but lack protein.

Protein powders don’t only have to be used as a liquid. Many brands can be easily added into oatmeal for a desert flavored breakfast, mixed into a pudding like consistency, or even placed in the microwave inside of a coffee mug for a fun miniature protein brownie! The bottom line is that protein powder is an extremely versatile supplement that will help you improve recovery after workouts as well as build more muscle and strength. Men trying to gain size for their next bodybuilding show, women looking to add more definition to look better in their bikini, and virtually everyone in between can benefit from increasing their protein intake! -AP


  • Increase muscle size
  • increase strength
  • Improve recovery from workouts
  • Quick and convenient

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