Protein Bars and Snacks Product Education

We all know protein is important in the growth and recovery of muscle and other tissues within the body. Protein powder is typically a cost effective and convenient source of additional protein, but sometimes we don’t feel like drinking our calories when we could eat a great tasting snack instead! Our protein bars and snacks section provides a variety of foods that don’t just give you muscle building calories, but also give you a great tasting treat anytime of day! Our site has everything from cheesecake, cookies, and pudding to other types of snacks filled with protein and other nutrients so you can enjoy your food while still getting closer to your goals.


  • Easy addition of daily protein and fiber
  • Promotes lean muscle growth and recovery
  • Convenient way to get the nutrients you need to maximize muscle gains.

Pardue’s Picks

  • Quest Nutrition – Original Quest Protein Bars
  • Chef Jay’s – Trioplex Cookies