Multivitamins Product Education

People often ask us what supplements we suggest they begin using. One of the very first things we tell them is a good multivitamin. Young or old, bodybuilder or just trying to be healthy, man or woman, everyone can benefit from this type of supplement. Even with the best variety in our diets, it’s extremely hard to get the vast array of necessary vitamins and minerals we need each day through food alone. A multivitamin can act as an insurance policy by helping to fill in nutritional gaps our diet can’t cover. Along with a healthy, balanced diet multivitamins can help consumers improve and maintain their health for now, and for the future.


  • Provides a range of nutrients to support immune health
  • Provides vitality and total nutrient protection
  • Boosts immune and cardiovascular function
  • Defends the body against the dangers of free radicals

Pardue’s Picks

  • Solgar – Formula VM-75
  • Garden of Life – Vitamin Code Men’s Multi